Kevin Ayers:
Odd Ditties
(released February 1976)

Odd Ditties

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Track Listing

1: Soon Soon Soon (3:22)
2: Singing A Song In The Morning (2:50)
3: Gemini Child (3:13)
4: Puis-Je? (3:38)
5: Butterfly Dance (3:41)
6: Stars (3:37)
7: Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes (3:28)
8: Jolie Madame (2:24)
9: Lady Rachel (4:53)
10: Connie On A Rubber Band (3:00)
11: Fake Mexican Tourist Blues (4:41)
12: Don't Sing No More Sad Songs (3:42)
13: Take Me To Tahiti (3:33)
14: Carribbean Moon (3:03)


Vocals, guitar and bass: Kevin Ayers
Piano: David Bedford
Bass: Mike Oldfield
Saxophone: Lol Coxhill
Drums: Mick Fincher

Versions of Odd Ditties

The original album (1976)

The CD version (2002)
This remastered CD was released in Japan only. It includes the bonus track: Star (single version).


This is a compilation of singles, B-sides and out-takes, most of which had not previously appeared on any of Kevin's albums.

Mike plays on the following tracks:
- Gemini Child (a song ousted from Shooting At The Moon)
- Puis-Je? (a French-language remake of May I? which was the B-side of Butterfly Dance)
- Butterfly Dance
- Stars (the B-side of Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes)
- Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes (taken from Whatevershebringswesing)
- Lady Rachel (a remake of a song from Kevin's first album, orchestrated by David Bedford).

Many of the tracks have also appeared on other compilations: The Kevin Ayers Collection, Banana Productions, and The Document Series Presents Kevin Ayers.



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