Pekka Pohjola:
Keesojen Lehto
(released 1976)

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Keesojen Lehto

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Track Listing

1: Oivallettu Matkalyhty (5:05)
2: Kadet Suoristavat Veden (4:34)
3: Matemaatikon Lentonaytos (7:25)
4: Paantaivuttelun Seuraukset - Osa 1: Sulamaan Jatetty Kipu (4:30)
5: Paantaivuttelun Seuraukset - Osa 2: Nykiva Keskustelu Tuntemattoman Kanssa (11:21)
6: Varjojen Varaslahto (1:53)


Bass, spinet and string synthesiser: Pekka Pohjola
Synthesiser and piano: Wlodek Gulkowski
Synthesiser and guitar: George Wadenius
Drums: Vesa Aaltonen
Drums and glockenspiel: Pierre Moerlen
Acoustic, electric and fuzz guitars, mandolin, recorder and flute: Mike Oldfield
Vocals: Sally Oldfield

Versions of Keesojen Lehto

This is a Finnish album, which has been released under several different titles, with different covers and with varying translations of the track names, including:

The Mathematician's Air Display

1: The Perceived Journey-Lantern
2: Hands Straighten The Water
3: The Mathematicians Air Display
4: The Consequences Of Head Bending - Part 1: The Pain Left Melting
5: The Consequences Of Head Bending - Part 2: The Plot Thickens
6: False Start Of The Shadows

The Consequences Of Indecisions

1: The Sighted Light
2. Hands Calming The Water
3: Mathematical Air Display
4: The Consequences Of Indecisions - Part 1: Time Heals All Wounds
5: The Consequences Of Indecisions - Part 2: Comfort With A Stranger
6: False Start

Some versions of the album are credited to Mike and Sally Oldfield with Pekka Pohjola.

CD release (1994)
Released in Finland by Love Records, this reverts to the original Finnish cover and track titles.

Remastered CD (March 2002)


Mike played on each track on this album, except for the first one.

Pekka Pohjola and Pierre Moerlen toured with Mike in 1978 on the Exposed tour. Pierre also contributed to Ommadawn, Incantations, Platinum and Islands.



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