Tom Newman:
Faerie Symphony
(released 1977)

Faerie Symphony Remaster

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Track Listing

1: The Woods Of...
2: Fordin Seachrain
3: Bean Si
4: Little Voices Of Tarans
5: The Fluter
6: The Seelie Court
7: The Spell Breaks
8: The Fairy Song
9: Dance Of The Daonhe Sidhe
10: Memories Of Culchvlainn
11: Aillen Mac Midna
12: The Unseelie Court
13: The Woods Of...
14: Sad Sing
15: Excerpt from Stonehenge
16: Will You Be Mine In The Morning?
17: Excerpt from Concerto De Mango In E Major
18: Day Of The Percherons - demo
19: The Soujourn To The Dun Of Culann The Smith
20: The Courting Of Emer
21: Superman - demo
22: Cycle For Moving Dunes


Mike plays guitar on The Unseelie Court and Dance Of The Daonhe Sidhe.

Versions of Faerie Symphony

The original album (1977)
This included tracks 1-13.

The CD remaster (1999)
The album is retitled Faerie Symphony And Other Stories, given a new cover and bonus tracks (tracks 14-22). Day Of The Percherons and Superman are the same demo versions that appear on the CD of Fine Old Tom and Variations On A Rhythm Of Mike Oldfield.

Credit: Marcus Junglas, Rainer Münz.



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