Children Of The Sun
(released 1968)

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Track Listing

1: Strangers (1:12)
2: Lady Mary (3:41)
3: Children Of The Sun (4:56)
4: A Lover For All Seasons (3:42)
5: River Song (3:40)
6: Banquet On The Water (4:28)
7: Balloons (5:28)
8: Midsummer Night's Happening (4:08)
9: Love In Ice Crystals (3:00)
10: Changing Colours (0:21)
11: Chameleon (2:20)
12: Milk Bottle (0:31)
13: The Murder Of The Children Of San Francisco (4:00)
--: Twilight Song *
--: The Song Of The Healer *
14: Strangers (1:12)

Bonus tracks (second CD of remaster):
15: Children Of The Sun (minus intro)
16. Mrs Moon And The Thatched Shop
17. Branches
18. A Sad Song For Rosie
19. Colours Of The World
20. Two Ships

* bonus tracks only included on the remastered CD - see below.


Vocals and Guitar: Sally Oldfield, Mike Oldfield
Drums and percussion: Terry Cox
Flute: Ray Warleigh

Versions of Children Of The Sun

The original album (1968)

The CD version (1988)

Japanese CD version (199?)
This version features three bonus tracks.

Remastered CD (12th August 2002)
This remaster features two CDs, the first is a high-quality remaster of the original album including two previously unreleased songs (Twilight Song and The Song Of The Healer), while the second CD has 6 bonus tracks.

Tracks 16-18 are improvised guitar instrumentals by Mike Oldfield. Parts of these would be reused in some of Mike's later works, such as Tubular Bells and Amarok. The track A Sad Song For Rosie became the Northumbrian bagpipe section in Ommadawn Part Two.

Tracks 19 and 20 (Colours Of The World and Two Ships) are Sally Oldfield recordings from 1970.

Prior to the release of this remaster, a list of bonus tracks was announced, which included the two previously unreleased songs, Firebird and Wild Loving In The Sky. However, these were not included due to copyright difficulties.

Also dropped were several tracks recorded for a BBC session on December 4th 1968. These were: Children Of The Sun, Song Of The Healer, Flee The Melancholy Flower, Lady Mary and Midsummer Night's Happening.


The two tracks Children Of The Sun and Midsummer Night's Happening are included on a various artists compilation album, which is also called Children Of The Sun.

Credit: Rob Miles, Nacho Marin.



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