Kevin Ayers:
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
(released June 1992)

BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert

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Track Listing

1: Lady Rachel (6:29)
2: May I? (4:08)
3: Clarence In Wonderland (5:04)
4: Whatevershebringswesing (6:41)
5: There Is Loving (6:54)
6: Margaret (3:34)
7: Colores Para Dolores (6:33)
8: All This Crazy Gift Of Time (4:43)
9: Why Are We Sleeping? (12:01)


Vocals, guitar and bass: Kevin Ayers
Keyboards: David Bedford
Lead guitar and bass: Mike Oldfield
Saxophone: Lol Coxhill
Drums: Dave Dufort


This is a concert recorded for BBC Radio on 6th January 1972 to promote Whatevershebringswesing. The performance of Why Are We Sleeping? contains a guitar solo that Mike reused at the end of Tubular Bells Part Two.

Edits on this album include the removal of the introduction by BBC presenter Bob Harris, and the presentation of the songs in a different order from that in which they were performed. The "correct" order is:

May I?
There Is Loving
Clarence In Wonderland
Colores Para Dolores
Lady Rachel
All This Crazy Gift Of Time
Why Are We Sleeping?

This album was re-released as Disc 1 of Too Old To Die Young in 1998.



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