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(4-Album set, released 26th October 1976)

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Track Listing

Disc One: Tubular Bells
Part One (25:56)
Part Two including "Sailor's Hornpipe" (21:33)

Disc Two: Hergest Ridge
Part One (21:30)
Part Two (18:49)

Disc Three: Ommadawn
Part One (20:06)
Part Two including "On Horseback" (17:17)

Disc Four: Collaborations
The Phaeacian Games (3:58)
Extract from Star's End (7:33)
The Rio Grande (6:37)
First Excursion (5:56)
Argiers (3:59)
Portsmouth (2:02)
In Dulci Jubilo (2:49)
Speak (Tho' You Only Say Farewell) (2:54)


Boxed was compiled to keep Mike's music in the public eye during the time he was undergoing exegesis therapy. His first three albums, Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn were collected together, and the fourth album, Collaborations, gathered some of Mike's work with David Bedford and Leslie Penning. Tubular Bells and Ommadawn were remixed in quadrophonic sound. Hergest Ridge, however, appears here in an 'ambient stereo' mix.

Although William Murray's small contribution to Hergest Ridge (the cymbal in Part One) is not present on this remix, he is credited on the cover.

In Dulci Jubilo had previously been released as a single for Christmas 1975. Some tracks were taken from David Bedford's recent albums:

The Phaeacian Games - from The Odyssey
Extract from Star's End
The Rio Grande - taken from Part Two of The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (this consists of two extracts from the album; the first section fades out to be replaced by the second section, from which Robert Powell's narration has been removed).

All the other tracks on Collaborations were previously unreleased - First Excursion was recorded 5 days before the album was pressed.

Versions of Boxed

The original vinyl release (1976)
This consisted of 4 vinyl LPs.

The CD version (1989)
This condensed the four albums onto 3 CDs, with the tracks from Collaborations added to the end of each CD.

The CD repressing (1994?)
This version is identical to the above CD, except that Tubular Bells Part One has been replaced by the original mix. Mike apparently asked Virgin to do this, as he was unhappy with the remix.

Credit: Paul Harris of The Mike Oldfield Information Service.

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