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(released 1980 - US/Canada only)

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Airborn Speed Variations

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Track Listing

Disc 1
1: Platinum Part 1 - Airborn (5:06)
2: Platinum Part 2 - Platinum (6:03)
3: Platinum Part 3 - Charleston (3:17)
4: Platinum Part 4 - North Star / Platinum Finale (4:43)
5: Guilty (3:46)
6: Into Wonderland (3:46)
7: Punkadiddle (5:46)
8: I Got Rhythm (4:40)

Disc 2
1: Tubular Bells Part One (live)
2: Incantations (studio and live)


Airborn was released in Northern American territories as a replacement for Platinum (Airborne was Mike's original working title for Platinum).

Disc 1:
This is a modified version of Platinum. Woodhenge is replaced by Guilty, and Into Wonderland appears here under what is assumed to be its correct title (it is titled Sally on all copies of Platinum).

Disc 2:
The live version of Tubular Bells is from the Birmingham concert on May 6th 1979, and features John Gorman as the MC. It is a different performance from that which appears on Exposed.

Extracts from Incantations album were mixed with the live version from Exposed and closes with the end of Tubular Bells Part Two, also taken from Exposed (Incantations and Exposed had not been released in America either).

Versions of Airborn

US version (1980)
On this version, Guilty is double-tracked and speeded up. See Airborn Speed Variations for information on the other tracks.

Canadian version (1980)
This includes the normal version of Guilty.

Single-LP version (1980)
This version only contains Disc One, but the cover artwork was not altered, so the disc two track listing still appears on the cover.

Credit: David Porter of The Mike Oldfield Information Service, Steve Roffey.

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