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The Whingeing Whiner

(to the tune of 'Moonlight Shadow')

The trees that whispered in the evening
Were carried away by the whingeing whiner
"It's not the way I like it"
But listen to me - I'm the whingeing whiner

I'll sit in judgement of whatever Mike does
With my backhand ready - and both ears plugged
My tastes move slowly and I know what I like
And I don't like anything new

I Adored
Now I'm bored
With the X files track and TB3
No Chance
That I'll dance
Because I know how bad it's going to be

No, I haven't even heard it
But that doesn't matter - I'm the whingeing whiner
Mike should really have deferred it
To my better judgement - I'm the whingeing whiner

I could tell him all the little things he could do
Damn his need to try something new
To keep me *happy?* just do Amarok 2
And he'll never, ever need to push through

He'll stay
Where I say
And he better not make money, either way
If he moves
I'll disapprove
He didn't ask ME if he could leave Ibiza...


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