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The Nit-Picker's Guide To Dave Laing Sleevenotes

Part 1: Elements

In 1993, Virgin released Elements, a retrospective Box set of Mike's career at Virgin. While fans may argue about aspects such as the sound quality or the selection of tracks, the one thing they agree on is the silliness of the errors in the booklet and on the cover. Some of them have been gathered here.

Elements: 1973-91

Bad proof-reading:
"Leslie Penney"
The correct name is Leslie Penning.

Factual errors:
"Amarok is a 52-minute unbroken piece of music"
Amarok is precisely 60 minutes long.

Track naming:
Disc 2:
Incantations Part One excerpt is in fact Part Two.
I'm Guilty should be called Guilty (although it is arguable whether this is a mistake or not, since I'm Guilty is written on the master tape, and is also the title of the single in some countries).

Disc 3:
Taurus 1 is listed as Taurus.
Taurus 2, although an excerpt, is not listed as such.

Disc 4:
One Glance Is Holy (Hard And Holy Mix) is actually the Single Remix.

Outer box:
Far Country is listed as For Country.

Part 2: The HDCDs

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