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Q: What is Music VR for Mike?

A: A new territory for an Internet story!

Q: Why did Mike Oldfield create a work consisting entirely of guitars?

A: So he could win the No-Bell Prize.

Q: Why was Mike a Man In The Rain?

A: Because the heavens opened.

Q: Why does Fish not sing any of the songs on Earth Moving?

A: Mike tried to get him, but he had gone fishing.

Q: Why didn't Herbie play his bagpipe solo on Ommadawn?

A: Because he went bananas on his way to the studio and crashed into a wall.

Q: Why didn't Mike write the soundtrack to Disney's Beauty and the Beast?

A: He refused after finding out that the main character was called Belle with a final 'e'.

Contributed by: Mary-Carol Lindbloom, Tim Highfield and Ugo Coppola (with thanks to Rosko).

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